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What kind of microscope do you need?

Choosing a Microscope
Stereo Fluorescence Microscopy

Phase Contrast Information

Learn more on Phase Contrast
Meiji MT Series Phase Contrast Installation Instructions

Microscope Measuring

Learn more on Microscope Measuring
Reticles and Making Measurements


Microscope Resolution Learn more on Microscope Resolution
Camera Resolution and Pixel Print Quality


Meiji Microscope Helpful Information

Phase Contrast Setup

Using a Microscope for Measurement - Calibration Explained

C-Mounts, CS Mounts and Image Sensor Information

Diagram of how to connect an SLR camera to the Meiji trinocular port

How to Calculate On-Screen Magnification

Vibration Isolation Tips

Looking for Discontinued Meiji Products?

Images captured with the MT Biological Microscope and the DK3000 Digital Camera

The Bertrand Lens - Performing Conoscopic Observation

How to Parfocal Microscope Objectives

How to Parfocal a Stereo Microscope

How to Install a Digital Camera Adapter on the EM Stereo Microscope

How to Install an SLR Camera Adapter on a Microscope

How to Change Magnification on a Stereo Microscope

How to Install Polarizing on the ML2000 Microscope

How to Install a Reticle on Microscope Eyepieces

How to Install the Drawing Attachment on the RZ Stereo Microscope

Answers to Frequently Asked Microscope Questions

Microscope Images and Parts Described

Meiji Microscope Service Information

Replacement Light Bulb / Stand Matching List

Tips on Cleaning Your Microscope

Clean vs. Dirty Objective Lens Images

Downloads - product manuals, brochures & software


Product Brochures & Manuals IM7000 - Manual
IM7000 - Brochure
MC - Brochure
MC - Manual
ML7500 - Manual
ML9000 - Brochure
ML9000 - Manual
ML9400 - Brochure
ML9400 - Manual
ML9700 - Brochure
MT4000 - Brochure
MT4000 - Manual
MT5000 - Brochure
MT5000 - Manual
MT6000 - Brochure
MT6000 - Manual
MT7000 - Brochure
MT7000 - 8000 - Manual
MT 7500 - 8500 - Manual
MT7500 - Brochure
MT8000 - Brochure
MT8500 - Brochure
MT9000 - Brochure
MT9000 - Manual
MT9500 - Brochure
MT9600 - Brochure
MT9900 - Brochure
MT6120 - Brochure
MT6820 - Brochure
RZ - Brochure
RZ - Manual
TC5000 - Brochure
TC5000 - Manual

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